Presentation (English)

1The Spanish weed science society
Objetives and Activities

The Spanish Weed Science Society (SEMh) was founded in 1989. It is an international society open to all who are interested in weeds, weed control and related topics. The Objectives of the Society are: To promote and encourage weed research and control technology with special concern of the environment. To assist in communication between research workers in weed science. To collaborate with other organizations concerned with weed science.

The Activities of the Society include: Organization a biennial Congress with published proceedings and 1 day Meeting the year between Congress. The official language is Spanish. Organization of working groups. Assistance in education and training programmes. Publication of a periodical Bulletin(3 every year) To support a annual fellowship for students in weed science. To price annually the best Publication (in Spanish) in weed science and the best contributions to the Congress.


The organization of the Society is based on the following bodies:

General Assembly: the official meeting of members of the Society.

Executive Committee: the elected members of the Society having the responsibility to control the finances and administration of the Society. The Committee is chaired by the President and administrated by the Secretary. The financial affairs are administrated by the Treasurer.
2Working groups
The SEMh supports working groups in specific areas of weed science
It is published every four months and contains various news about the Society, abstracts of doctoral thesis or other published work, calls for SEMh Awards to the best publications, SEMh Grants for students, Job Opportunities, Congresses and Meetings to celebrate, both national and international, etc.
Membership of the Society shall consist of:

Ordinary Members any individual in Spain or elsewhere interested in the objectives of the Society.

Honorary Members members who have made an outstanding contribution to the Society and have retired from fulltime work.

Sustaining Members organizations or enterprises willing to provide financial support for the Society.

Privileges of Ordinary Members include:
  • To participate in the affairs of the Society (with reduced inscriptions fees to the Congress).
  • To receive the Bulletin.
  • To attend and vote at the General Assembly.